Raising Kids for Good​

Raising Kids for Good (RKFG) is a soon-to-be nonprofit seeking to provide positive, inclusive spiritual family resources for families and churches in an attractive, compassionate, welcoming, and sustainable environment. RKFG consists of a large ecumenical group of volunteers that includes pastors, authors, mental health professionals, professors, parents, attorneys, and other interested individuals, working together to raise awareness of the many excellent existing resources that can be very helpful to caregivers and church leaders – if only they can find them.

RKFG is not attempting to “reinvent the wheel” by competing with other nonprofits or organizations working in this area. Instead: we seek to promote their work! We feel urgently compelled to this work of curating resources given the large market presence of self-proclaimed “Christian” media that undermines the health of our children, families and society by promoting divisiveness and othering.

Once underway, RKFG will produce online “catalogs” containing recommended resources that have been vetted according to our Values Statement and can thus be trusted by parents and churches who share those values. Recommended resources will take many different forms including: books, videos, articles, curricula, podcasts, experiences, and more.

We envision these catalogs covering a range of resource types, such as:

Resources for parents and families
Resources for children
Resources for churches


Our core values seek to articulate a new story of what faith is and what faith can do: invoke a Creator God who weaves together art, science, justice and wonder for the good of all. This is a living document, and it will continue to evolve along with our Collective in a spirit of growth and humility. See our Values Statement here

Who We Are

Originally envisioned by Brian McLaren, RKFG is a loosely-connected “Collective” of over 70 individuals that include pastors, authors, professors, parents, attorneys, mental health professionals, and other interested individuals from all walks of life. Learn more


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