Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct applies to all participants in any conference, workshop, seminar, retreat, webinar, or other event or service provided (“Event”), produced or co-produced by Raising Kids for Good (RKFG).

Raising Kids for Good is committed to providing a safe environment in which faculty members, attendees, staff, and participants can freely interact in positive ways. To accomplish this goal, we seek participants who have exhibited high moral standards.

We require all participants to behave in a manner that is “above reproach”, especially (but not exclusively) when they are at an Event, whenever they are in the presence of other Event attendees (e.g., on shuttles), and in any follow-up exchanges that may occur after the Event.

Please note that any minors present must be accompanied by an adult.

Examples of unacceptable behavior include:

  1. Verbal, electronic, or physical conduct of a sexual, intimidating, discriminatory, or abusive nature, including racial and other forms of discrimination, sexual advances, propositions, requests, or comments (or anything that could reasonably be construed as such).
  2. Offering a participant any kind of benefit in exchange for sexual favors, or threatening any kind of detriment for a participant’s failure to engage in sexual activity.
  3. Visual conduct of a sexual nature, such as making sexual gestures, or displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, or cartoons.
  4. Sending sexually related text messages, emails, photos, videos, or social media messages.
  5. Comments (positive or negative) about an individual’s body.
  6. Suggestive contact, such as inappropriate touching, or impeding or blocking movement.
  7. Asking questions about an individual’s sex life.
  8. Initiating or participating in games that include discussions about sex or intimate parts of the body.
  9. Inviting someone to meet you in, or accompany you to, a private place, such as your room at an Event or an off-site hotel/motel.
  10. Use of digital cameras, video, or other recording devices in the restrooms.
  11. Gossip
  12. Intimidating, unethical, or illegal behavior.

If you have any questions about what constitutes inappropriate behavior, please contact us at

If you have experienced or observed inappropriate conduct at or in conjunction with a conference, please contact us as soon as possible. Be assured that you will not be penalized in any way for reporting a problem.

In exchange for being given permission to participate in any Event or service being produced by RKFG, you, for yourself and your family, heirs, executors, and representatives, agree to the following:

  • You assume the risk of any harm or injury that may occur as a result of, or in connection with, your participation in the Event(s).
  • You accept full responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your possessions while participating in the Event(s).
  • You release RKFG, their officers, employees, agents, staff, faculty, and volunteers from any and all liability, costs, damages, or other claims that may occur as a result of, or in connection with, your participation in the Event(s).
  • You give your consent for RKFG, its officers, employees, agents, staff, faculty, and volunteers to assist you in the event of an emergency, including seeking emergency medical treatment on your behalf and you agree to accept financial responsibility for the costs related to any medical treatment.
  • You agree to conduct yourself and behave in a legal, ethical, and polite manner, treating all individuals with respect, consideration, and charity, at all times during your participation in the Event(s). You agree to refrain from any behavior that is threatening, violent, aggressive, or sexually or morally improper.  You agree to report to us any behavior by others that you witness that does not meet this standard.  You understand that if you engage in inappropriate behavior or fail to report inappropriate behavior that you witness, you may be asked to end your participation in the Event, and if asked, you agree to abide by the decision.
  • Permission to be photographed and for those photographs to be used by RKFG however they see fit.

Last modified: February 6, 2023