Who We Are

Originally envisioned by Brian McLaren, RKFG is a loosely-connected “Collective” of over 90 individuals that include pastors, authors, professors, parents, attorneys, mental health professionals, and other interested individuals from all walks of life. 

Working from a co-created framework that establishes our beliefs, values, expectations and accountability structure, our diverse five-member Leadership Team charts the course for the entire effort. We have a growing number of teams, each led by a volunteer expert, working in specific product areas to identify and vet relevant products for our upcoming catalogs. 

We plan to form a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the near future and will begin raising funds to support the program soon thereafter. If you would like to be an asset to our endeavor to make the world kinder, gentler, more diverse, and more spiritually sustainable for the next generation, learn more and get involved at www.raisingkidsforgood.com/belong. If you are interested in getting involved, contact us at info@raisingkidsforgood.com.