Family Time Kit

It began with a prayer for a more connected, courageous, and compassionate world.

Each month, we offer a kit designed to inspire compassion and courage, and family connection! By subscribing, your family will receive supplies to do four activities together, have meaningful conversations, and connect to your faith in new ways every month. 

It only costs about $25/month for families with two kids. Have more than two children? It’s only $5 more for each additional child. 

Raising Good People

I set out on a quest to find out what parents wanted for their kids’ spiritual formation. I had been creating resources for churches that were supposed to help kids and families grow in their faith for nearly a decade, but attendance at churches continued to drop. Families weren’t coming. What do they want from the church as they raise their kids? 

What I heard was a growing commitment to raising kids to be good people in our crazy world. How does one raise a good person? What even is a good person? 

That’s what this book is—a tool to help churches define what a good person is and to help empower parents to put their faith into practice as they raise their children. I believe our task as ministers and pastors is to help parents draw from the stories and the example of Jesus, a truly good person. 


A colorfully illustrated children’s Bible storybook that will engage the children through simple storytelling and open-ended questions that encourage the children to wonder about the Bible story and make connections between the Bible and their lives. Includes 150 stories! For ages 3 and up.


The voice of a child praying. The face of a little one captivated by a Bible story. A family sharing a daily devotional. Bible Basics Storybook helps you create such special family moments with 149 core stories from both the Old and New Testaments that will invite your children into the Word and will keep their attention from start to finish with their beautiful and colorful illustrations. Along with the Bible stories, the prayers to start the day, to say at bedtime, and to share before meals will help you provide a solid faith foundation for the dear children in your life. For ages 3 and up.

Keep Watch With Me: An Advent Reader for Peacemakers

For those who work for social justice, Advent is the season not only for repentance, but for checking in on the needs of the world as well. Keep Watch with Me, by Claire Brown and Michael T. McRay, offers stories, reflections, prayers, and spiritual practices to sustain and challenge the faith of those who work for justice and peace. Features daily devotionals by a distinctively diverse collection of collaborators including writers who are black, white, LGBTQ, Latinx, Palestinian, incarcerated, activists, Native American, and more.

*I wrote the entry for December 15.


Introduce young children to the Bible with the new Deep Blue Bible Storybook for children ages 3-6. The Bible Storybook contains 146 stories written in language young readers can understand. Plus, the Bible Storybook is organized in a way that helps children begin to learn the books of the Bible and practice beginning Bible skills. The illustrations are sure to delight young children. Also includes fun “piggyback” songs and prayers

teaching with confidence

Deep Blue: Teaching with Confidence was written by the creative editors of Deep Blue and is intended for church leaders, Christian educators, children’s ministers, and volunteers. This book outlines what, why, and how to teach and use the Deep Blue curriculum. It covers theology, methodology, and practical application of all Deep Blue products. Whether this is your first year using Deep Blue curriculum or if you’ve been with us from the beginning, this is the book you’ve been waiting on!