For the next year, Cokesbury Kids will be releasing chapters of my book Raising Good People for free through the Cokesbury Kids Club. Each month, the members of the group will get access to a chapter a month. This month the introduction will release. Leading up to its release, I am going to post some “get to know me” posts here on my site. They will post on Mondays. On Tuesdays, I will go LIVE to talk more about the post.

The first time I met Michael was when I went to Tenx9:Nashville, a live storytelling event, to support my best friend. Michael announced from stage that Brittany Sky (me) had won a free drink. He met me at the bar and I thought he was super cute and handsome. He was kind but distracted. And I straight up suck at flirting and I tried to talk to him about the weather or something else equally uninteresting. He was organizing a big live storytelling event, so he handed me a $20 and asked me to bring him the change. In my feelings of vulnerability, I rolled my eyes and decided that guy was too cool for me.

Now we have an 8-month-old, Rowan.

A lot has happened since that first brief encounter (You can hear how Michael tells our story in this video: You know it’s going to be good with a title like “A Long Line of Potential Wives.”). Michael is my favorite. I have been extremely lucky, especially during COVID isolation, to have found a partner whom I love and LIKE. We have a great time together. (We also can irritate the heck out of each other. But even that turns into silly giggles most of the time.) We have a mutually beneficial relationship: support, encouragement, and love. Michael cooks and I eat. We have created safety for each other and ourselves to grow individually and together. We have a shared hope for the future. I really like him. I really, really love him.

I also really, really love Rowan. That kid is the sweetest person I have ever met. When I am holding him and he reaches out for Michael to hold him, he always looks back at me to make sure I am okay. (swoon) And he is always ready to have a laugh. When I was pregnant with him, the first noticeable pregnancy symptom was giddiness. It is his chemical makeup!

My biggest parenting goal is to help him make it to adulthood with that sweetness and that giddiness intact. A lot can happen, a lot WILL happen, between now and when his brain is fully developed (sometime around 26) but I desperately want him to still be sweet and ready to laugh. That joy is desperately needed in our world.

These two help me grow. These two love me well. These two are my pod. These two are why I am writing these posts and attempting to make a difference in a world that sometimes feels too terrible to engage with. But I will continue to show up and do what I can each day to make the world feel a bit safer and a bit better for them.

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