2020 has been hard. (duh.) It’s like layers of difficult things have piled on to each other creating a giant mound of terrible. There has been grief over lost expectations, lost dreams, lost loved ones, and lost personal safety.

I have diagnosed generalized anxiety and depression. When my anxiety gets high and then stays that way for extended periods of time, I get depressed. My adrenaline runs out and I am left at the bottom of the pit Brené Brown describes in this video. I am lucky though because I have a partner who literally has empathy as a vocation. I also have countless family and friends who are willing to get in the pit with me until I am able to climb up the ladder.

Not everyone has this necessary community.

That’s why I have always loved Jesus and church. It’s why the Bible has been so important in my life. When I wasn’t able to love myself, Jesus and the church did.

At it’s best, the church puts the stories of the Bible, the stories of Jesus, into action. It’s not the action of coming into a building together to proclaim we know the right words to make God happy. It’s the action of getting into the pit with each other.

Somewhere along the way (I have my theories of when.), the Church lost it’s grips on this. Not all churches or Christians. Just the capital C church. That’s why when my employer commissioned research and asked parents what their goals are for the spiritual formation of their children were and what the church was supposed to do they all said some form of “raising their kids to be good people”. This tells me that they kinda feel like the church doesn’t do that.

I think some of this could be traced to not reading the stories of Jesus well.

So, in addition to helping me get out of my own pit of despair, I am creating a video series of impromptu Bible story retellings to help us hear the stories of Jesus a bit better. I do not have a PhD in Bible or Biblical Archeology. I’m just a person who loves the Bible and Jesus and the church, and am doing my best to put the stories of Jesus into action—doing my best to be a good person.

You can watch them on my YouTube channel or join me LIVE each Friday on my Facebook page.

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