One of the ways we share our values with our children is through the stories we tell them. Stories are powerful! They give us the ability to imagine new worlds. I will be sharing some of my favorite books to read with Rowan along the way (Ibram X. Kendi’s Antiracist Baby, for one. Post coming soon.) because there are so many great books we can be reading with our littles!

My first book post is going to be about the Bible Basics Storybook because it’s on super sale right now over at for $3.49. I wrote this one to go along with the Bible Story Basics curriculum. The Bible storybook and the curriculum came out in July 2019, so to find it for $3.49 is incredible.

I loved getting to work on this Bible storybook. The first one I worked, we didn’t get to choose an illustrator and we followed a Scope and Sequence (This is an educational term that outlines what and when we teach.) that has been designed long before we were given the go ahead to create a Bible storybook. When we were working on the Scope and Sequence for Bible Story Basics we already knew we’d have a Bible storybook that went with it. This shaped the curriculum’s sessions and the stories included. Because of all of this, I got to be very intentional in the story choices and the art. It’s really beautiful and classic. The premise of the whole line was to teach our next generation to be biblically literate and to be critical thinkers.

Every night, Rowan and I talk about our days—whether we were happy, sad, or mad, and what we did that day (building the foundation for understanding his feelings and for the Daily Examen prayer)—and then we read a story from the Bible Basics Storybook. We say the prayer included with the story and then we sing a song. It’s our bedtime routine and it takes about five minutes.

For $3.49, you could easily do this, too.

I have put together an Advent and Christmas Reading Plan. These stories, and this time of year, are favorites for so many Jesus followers. Start with trying this bedtime routine with the beginning of Advent. I’d love to hear how it goes! (If you have kids older than seven, read from the Deep Blue Kids Bible. This is my favorite Kids Bible.)

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